Wednesday, 27 April 2016

User Profile Service Application Incremental Timer Job Failed

Above error may happen if your User Profile Sync Service is not running. Your Job History will show a "Generic error". Nice and informative isn't it?

Open Central Admin
Go to "Show Services on Server"
Ensure that the User Profile Sync Service is running, if not start it and enter the farm login details. Should sort it

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Validation error "Cannot Resolve Activity" when publishing a workflow

Yet another problem that I brought on myself!!

If you publish a workflow and you get validation errors something like:

(0,0) Activity 'ID1234' validation failed: Cannot resolve Activity 'ID5678'.)

it could mean that you have copied and pasted a condition or action. At least this is what happened to me anyway. I had to create several similar conditions and action so I copied and pasted them. Then on publishing, I got the above error. It would seem that it was copying the condition was the problem (if statement). So I went back, deleted the problem conditions and created them manually. This resolved the problem!!

Moral of this story: No shortcuts... :D

Michelle :)

Back in the land of the living... while sleeping...

Hi All,

I am back from maternity leave since before Christmas. It's great to be back I have to say. I work 4 days a week so I have one day with my children at home which makes all the difference.

It's great to get my brain back working again. I enjoyed being at home but I am not sure that it's for me. The balance I have works quite well. Although after some sleepless nights, trying to figure out why your new workflow isn't firing can take twice as long as before!!! I'm sure it will get easier.

So enjoy, hopefully my posts will help some of you. I will continue on the same wavelength as before, posting when I come across issues I have not seen before and manage to resolve. Generally they are issue I create myself!!!! :)

Happy SharePointing....


Monday, 20 July 2015


Sorry for not posting in a while. I am currently on maternity leave and only dealing with a baby right now lol! I could put up my "how to fix it" guides for babies but even on my third child, I still don't have a clue what I am doing!! It's hard at the minute, she is 3 months old and has reflux. I haven't thought about sharepoint or work for that matter for 4 months now! I'm due back in work at the latest in February 2016. I'm sure I am going to be completely lost at that stage but I will start a catch up on the servers from October! Hopefully I remember how to get to central administration!!!! Eeek'

Later share pointers 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Site Collection not returning search results

Let's say you are doing a "Search This Site" within your site collection/site and you are getting nada but when you click on "Expand this search", you are getting results, including from the site you were looking for.

So, your content is being crawled, no silly top level errors etc. So what is causing this across your site collections but your global search is working?


You need to ensure that whatever is set as your default zone in alternate access mappings IS the same as the URL that you are crawling.

So, in Central Admin, go to Configure Alternate Access mappings and check your Default URLs

Then, go into your Service Centre App and check the content sources, the url should map. There shouldn't be a difference in http/https or anything, they need to be identical.

Run an incremental

Wow! Look at that, bloody fixed!!!!

Note: This was caused by me messing in the first place and then not remembering what I messed with!!!! Be careful in SharePoint land.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Cannot save site as template - SharePoint 2013 Publishing Site

If you need to save a site as a template, but it is a publishing site, it's not going to work for you!! I don't know why, I haven't looked into the reasons behind it, I just know it doesn't work so you will just have to take my word for it :)

Anyway, for us, we create sites on a regular basis. These are small subsites and they all rely on the same template. So when I went to create one as a template, I got an error.

The best thing to do is to create a new subsite but do not enable the Server Side Publishing Feature on it. Do all the settings that you need to do and then go to Site Settings-->Save Site as a Template. This will work this time.

After you create sites with this template, you will have to import your Design Package/Master page etc but at least you don't have to get it looking the same which is what takes the time!

You can now select it as a template for any sites going forward.

PS. sorry I haven't posted in a while....

Monday, 9 June 2014

The data types of the following form fields do not match the SharePoint List.

Trying to open up an item in a list and getting the above error? If you have tried to modify the form recently, this could be why. Did you finish it?

Anyway, if you go into List Settings, and then to Form Settings, select the Default option. This should sort you out. Laters!